Friday, September 11, 2015

Integrating with VMware Fusion's networking

Yesterday, the smart folks at GNS3 have added support for VMware Fusion's vmnet virtual network interfaces to their product.

It only required about 70 lines of code!

Monday, September 7, 2015

The best of both worlds, twice.

For a long time, VMware Fusion has been bringing you the best of both worlds: Mac and Windows.

And customers have weighed the pros and cons of VMware Fusion and its competitor Parallels Desktop. The thought of many users could be summarized as in this TekRevue article:

When it comes to features and performance, the two products have traded blows for several generations, but Parallels has often held the performance lead, especially when it comes to 3D graphics support, while Fusion has frequently been more stable, provided better battery life, and offered multi-platform VM compatibility with VMware’s Windows and Linux software.

However, the latest release of VMware Fusion changes this status quo. TekRevue conducted an extensive comparison of the latest versions of both products, and concluded:

If you look at our Parallels vs. Fusion benchmark results simply by the numbers, then Fusion 8 is the clear winner, taking 11 out of 18 tests and pushing on three more. ... Some users are looking for a virtualization app to play Windows-only games, or crunch data in a Windows-only CPU-intensive app. Those folks should probably go with Fusion 8 this year.

That is right, folks! VMware Fusion now gives you the best of both worlds, twice:
  • Mac and Windows
  • Stability and Performance
I fathered the VMware Fusion product, and with an extremely talented team, we have been improving it for 10 years now. I'm proud and excited to see that our efforts are finally starting to pay off!