Thursday, June 7, 2007

One step closer

If you enjoyed the Unity in VMware Fusion video we released yesterday, you will be happy to learn that you can now try it for yourself!

That is right, VMware Fusion beta 4 is fresh out of the oven. Go get it!

Of course, this is a beta, so things are still a bit rough around the edges, but it will only improve from there, and as usual your feedback will drive how we prioritize improvements.

Starting with VMware Fusion beta 4, we have begun the performance tuning. Among other things, we have dramatically improved the speed at which you can move or resize guest windows. Try it!

For a more complete list of the things we have improved in VMware Fusion beta 4, I encourage you to take a look at the release notes.


In an interview with Ars Technica, our esteemed Mac competitor's Director of Corporate Communications, Ben Rudolph, said
Coherence is one of the great things that we have done that VMware has not done yet ...

Our customers agreed with that statement.

... although maybe they are looking at something like that

Our customers told us they loved the feature. We listen to our customers: if we don't take care of them, somebody else will. So you bet we have looked at something like that.

While our Mac competitor was busy fighting a threatening lawsuit and cloning our Multiple Snapshots feature, we have been busy cloning their Coherence feature. That is only fair game. In the end the customer benefits.

But we didn't stop at copying the feature. We went ahead and improved on it. Introducing Unity in VMware Fusion. Taking a page from the highly successful 3D support in VMware Fusion video (190 000 viewers so far), we decided to make an official video of Unity in VMware Fusion. Me and 3 other Mac teammates had a blast producing it. If you like it, digg it!

So yes Scott, this is very real. Competition is a good thing indeed, and it has just started...

Did I mention we are hiring? If you are a kick-ass Mac OS X developer looking for a challenging job in a pre-IPO company, send your resume my way.