Friday, February 13, 2009


VMware has released Fusion 2.0.2, a free upgrade for all Fusion users.

I contributed a few enhancements to that release:

Support for .dmg files as CD/DVD images

You can now use regular (unencrypted) .dmg files on your physical machine to install software in your virtual machines. You do not have to convert a .dmg file to a .iso/.cdr file, or burn the .dmg file to a physical CD/DVD anymore.

Support for Mac OS X Server 10.5.6 guests

In a previous post, I recommended you refrain from upgrading your virtual machines to Mac OS X Server 10.5.6. You can now safely do it.

Support for Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard guests

From searching the web, it appears that Apple has seeded at least 3 different builds of Snow Leopard:
  1. 1. This one

  2. 2. This one

  3. 3. This one
I have verified that Fusion 2.0.2 works quite well with build #2 above, with the exception of Shared Folders (which are disabled).

But unfortunately Fusion 2.0.2 cannot boot build #3 above yet. So it seems that I have some more work to do for the next maintenance release of Fusion.